Stockist | Love the Design

1362 Queen Street East, Toronto

Love the Design holds a special place this issue as the proprietor, Christine Flynn, was featured in our new issue. Her home is full of vintage beauty and is an amazing example of how to make a new tradtitional home something special and unique. Also in the same issue we featured Jennifer, a dear friend of Christine's, who also works at Love the Design. Her home is radically different, a century home that was updated and modernized into a mid-century design haven. I first met Christine while personally delivering her first shipment of Vol.1 and I instantly fell in love with her shop - I knew it and Pure Green were a match made in heaven. Love the Design is full of industrial vintage pieces, with a hint of European charm and a dollop of glam. A focal point of the store is Christine's artwork in which she layers photographs with vintage type, maps or graphic treatments. Whatever your fancy you are sure to LOVE it!! If you are looking for a copy of Pure Green Vol.2 in east Toronto stop in! I know Christine is low on copies but I'll be stocking her back up just in time for her 1 year celebration on May 1... see details below. Thank you Christine for your support of Pure Green and for being a part of our new issue!!! Here's to fast friends!


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