I am excited to share with you today a fun treat! A gorgeous giveaway from Living Wood Designs, a new PGM ad partner that we're very excited to have on board. The creators behind the wood studio, Anna & Andy, have very generously offered up this one of a kind black walnut charcuterie board with a live edge to one lucky PGM reader (valued at $98!!). You have one week to enter, simply leave a comment below, good luck! Read More
I'm very excited to share these photos with you providing a tiny little glimpse inside the new issue. Themed 'Wanderlust', this issue centers on travel. It tells real stories of the adventures of our contributors, and it shares the beauty of this world with you, hopefully evoking within you a deep sense of stewardship for this place we call home. Each page holds a treasure, and visually I'm proud to say I think this is perhaps our best issue yet. The contributors who worked on this issue with me have really outdone themselves, and to take in the pages with a warm cup of tea is to spend an few hours dreaming of faraway places.
Read More
The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. Truly. As a small, independent publication, each time press time rolls around I find my time monopolized, and keeping on top of it all is often a challenge. That said, while I'm busy stuffing envelopes, applying address labels and packing boxes of magazines for retailers, I came across Waxing Kara in my 'inspiration' folder, and fell in love all over again—I'm taking a time out to share it with you! Read More
Sharing Part 2 of our Fig & Fauna Hidden Galleries series from Volume 4, this time we're headed outside in the magic hour (those amazing, late afternoon hours before dusk when the sun washes everything in it's warm glow)! Read More
In Volume 4 of Pure Green we were so very lucky to work with Fig & Fauna. Megan and Rose, the incredibly inspiring duo behind that team, submitted a gorgeous story which remains a favourite a mine. One of the hardest parts of putting together each issue is choosing which photos to print, as there are usually quite a few waiting behind the scenes that never see the light of day, which is a shame! I've been saving a two-part post of unprinted photos from our Fig & Fauna feature for a rainy day, and while today's not rainy, it's certainly frigid. The thermometer outside my kitchen window read nearly minus 30 degrees Celsius this morning and I thought we could all use a little beauty to warm us up, especially after my brief blog hiatus as we put together Volume 5 (now available for pre-order). In today's Hidden Galleries post, I'm sharing images of Megan's home... which she tells me isn't finished but certainly looks amazing to me. Enjoy! Stay tuned for part 2, shots of the farm, tomorrow. Read More
I cannot resist sharing these photos featuring the home of Danish stylist Camilla Tang Paylecke of Hunch. I would live here in a moment - the white feels fresh and clean, yet never devoid of personality. The vintage and handmade inspired details are lovely, I especially love the touches of teal blue sprinkled about! Read More
Hello friends! I'm still logging long, long hours at my desk finalizing our upcoming issue (it'll be here before you know it), and I wanted to share an opportunity with you. Pure Green Magazine is growing—we've always taken great care in the limited advertising that we offer within our pages, making sure each ad is as well designed as the rest of the magazine so that your experience reading the magazine is nothing but lovely. But, as an independent magazine, a few extra dollars brought in by advertising goes a really, really long way (trust me on this one). That said, we're always searching for ways to make Pure Green dynamic and community based, and as part of that we've created Marketplace listings for the magazine—a special place to share neat stuff, great people and amazing brands, all vetted out by us (this is only phase one of much bigger plans!). Read More
I am madly working away this week finalizing our new issue, which will be released at the end of this month. I can't wait to share it! As I knew I would be a wee bit overwhelmed this week, I had tucked a few finds up my sleeve to share with you while I'm off being a busy worker bee. I am truly excited to have come across OLO Fragrance, a brand that couldn't be more perfect for Pure Green and our readers. Stylish, eco and not too feminine, I have found a new coveted love. Long ago I stopped wearing perfume—I'm picky you see. Fragrance is notorious for containing a host of hormone-disrupting chemicals and many are cloyingly strong, both major deterrents in my book. Fortunately OLO is none of these things—self-described as a 'tiny fragrance line based in Portland, Oregon', the creator behind the line, Heather Sielaff, uses only natural ingredients and essential oils to create her blends. The fragrances are inspired by nature and unisex—which I love as nothing is too floral or too sweet. A fabulous find. Love. Read More

Happy 2013!

Posted By:Celine
Happy 2013 everyone!! I thought I would kick off the new year with a quick little post sharing some sweet calendar picks I've come across. I've always loved a good calendar, but this year feels so promising I feel especially attracted to a one for 2013. In the age of smart phones I'm not sure many actually use a paper calendar anymore, but besides being a nice little piece of art, I love having a calendar available at a glance—perhaps this is because I'm busy counting down the days before my wee one arrives, only 11 weeks, give or take, to go! Oh my!! Read More
The holiday entertaining season is far from over as preparations for New Year's celebrations are under way. I thought it nice to share these gorgeous and inspiring winter cocktail ideas with you, taken by Nicole Franzen, one of PGM's wonderfully talented contributors. Read More
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