In keeping with this volume's special feature on the night sky, and contributor Charles Nock's essay on light pollution, I couldn't help but prepare a post on the documentary film, The City Dark. Read More
This Volume, rather than create a sneak peek using in our traditional issuu preview, I felt compelled to get a little more creative. The pages of Pure Green are so textural, I wanted to try and reflect that a little more, as well as communicate the feel of the magazine, the images and the content. Erin Boyle, a regular contributor here at Pure Green, was lovely enough to take a few shots. I love the way the photos of the new issue turned out. You can almost see the texture of our paper and you get a MUCH better sense of who we are. Read More
I hadn't always wanted to be a florist. After high school I pursued an acting career, and during my training, I worked for a landscape design company. In the garden, I fell in love with flowers—the flowers I grew in the earth beneath my feet. Season by season, the evolution of a garden would leave me breathless. And just like seeds, my ideas of owning a flower shop slowly grew to a become reality: just three years ago, at the age of 30, I opened Coriander Girl. Read More
I really love taking part in and planning events for the magazine. It's so lovely to meet readers, introduce new ones to Pure Green, engage and have fun! We've got a great one coming up this week — Centro Garden, one of our amazing retailers in Burlington, Ontario, are hosting a farmer's market in their back parking lot every week with only the best local farmers and producers the area has to offer. You can find meat, cheese, produce, honey and more, and this week, Pure Green will be there too! Jonathan, our food editor, is loading up his Weber charcoal grill and we'll be serving up delectable treats in a special and very fun pop-up bistro. If you live in the Burlington area come on out, we'd love to meet you! We'll be toting our brand new issue as well! Read More
he days have been very, very hot so far this summer, and this recipe is a summer staple for Jonathan and I. Super easy to make, light and deliciously refreshing, this will quickly become your go-to for easy, crowd-pleasing summer lunches. Read More
I have fallen in love with the magic of this place—Fig & Fauna. These days, I'm craving a simple life, more and more it seems. It's a hard thing sometimes to realize you may have lost touch, just a little bit, with yourself, what you truly love, and what's really important at the end of each day. I'm learning a few lessons right now and I feel thankful for it, as I'm getting to know myself a little better each day. This video (and the utter gorgeousness on their website) have given me a wee bit of an escape, if even for a moment, and I'm grateful. It's going to be a beautiful day! Read More
I'm a big proponent of projects that don't take too much time to make. It's not that I don't appreciate the carefully wrought craft, but when I'm preparing for a festive gathering, I want things to look nice but I don't want to spend hour upon hour making that happen. Enter the garland. Read More
Welcome to Olivier Waterloo, purveryor of fine natural soaps and gifts, and our current featured stockist! Do you find reading labels and memorizing an ever growing list of ingredients to avoid overwhelming? Olivier Waterloo is a place where you can shop safe, knowing we’ve done the research for you! All of the organic and sustainable products come from companies who have clearly defined humane, ethical, and environmental policies ensuring the care of our planet and its people! Head on in with time to browse, indulge your senses and peruse Pure Green! Read More

Inspiration | Epilogue

Posted By:Celine
I get asked about the future of print a lot. When people realize that Pure Green actually went from publishing ONLINE to PRINT, they might look at me strangely and say "hmmm, isn't that bucking the trend"? For me, there's nothing quite like the tanglible nature of the printed word - for us, it's of course important to do it in a sustainable way, using recycled papers and vegetable inks. I have yet to read an e-book, because well, there's just something about borrowing books from friends, passing beloved titles around, until they come to sit on your shelf, waiting for a re-read or a new generation of reader. I loved this film, a student documentary by Hanah Ryuchung that explores where print has been and where it is going - is it disappearing? The film, which is wonderfully executed, features mainstays in the Toronto culture of print and the written word, featuring a few familiar faces such as Don Taylor, whom we covered before. Take a wander over to her site and watch the video - see what discourse it sparks for you. Read More
Yes, we've been a little quiet lately. But that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about you! Truth be told we've been hard at work—fingers flying, emails bouncing about, eyes proofing, minds creative. It's time again for a new issue! Volume 3, themed THE GREAT OUTDOORS, is almost here. The above image is just a teensy glimpse as I sat and proofed (and reproofed) the new issue. Monday and Tuesday were spent at the printers and we'll be shipping the new issue NEXT WEEK! Amazing how time flies. If you've been thinking of subscribing but haven't yet, the time is ripe. Sign up before our big mailing in order to get your first issue nice and quick! Read More
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