Inside Volume 4 of Pure Green Magazine we featured a beautiful story photographed and written by Elisa Bricker, who had spent a glorious month in Paris this past summer. While there, she relished visiting the Raspail marché, an organic farmer's market and one of the oldest existing markets in Europe. As always, there were too many beautiful images to print all in one story, so we're thrilled to share some unpublished gems with you here. Read More
Today we're taking you to Heirloom Restaurant in Vancouver - the second I chanced upon these photos via Pinecone Camp, I was hooked and knew they had to be shared. The design of the restaurant is spectacular, from the green and white colour scheme, gorgeous white oak floors, those herringbone subway tiles, to the upcycled elements such as the cabinets seen above crafted with recycled windows. The feel is harmonious yet understated, classic and tailored with just a hint of rustic and retro for character. Besides being visually stunning, Heirloom is a vegetarian restaurant with an organic wine menu and local craft beer selection. "Heirloom Restaurant reflects a dedication to using thoughtfully chosen organic, fairly traded ingredients with a local and world conscious initiative - We make good choices." Two for lunch, please! Read More
A visual treat today, from a workshop we love very much in Poland, I Love Nature (yes, indeed we do too). Their organic, rustic style is pure perfection, made only better by this duo's ease and skill with a camera and impeccable styling. The beauty of the wood and the quality of the craftsmanship is what we notice and covet, any of these pieces would make a very welcome addition to PGM's Organic Kitchen! Perhaps one day, and until then, Happy Monday everyone! Read More
We feel so lucky to have such a lovely and wonderful group of stockists who make Pure Green available in their shops. Brick & Mortar Living is just such a store, it looks filled to the brim with fantatic and inspiring items, not to mention a fab little group of quarterlies. They recently posted the images seen below of new issues they have in the shop, including our latest, Volume 5, Wanderlust. It is always a huge pleasure to be shelved next to my esteemed peers, Kinfolk & Anthology (to name but a few). Thanks to Julia for sharing, and if you find yourself in New Westminster, British Columbia, stop in to pick up a copy and leisurely enjoy the many treasures at Brick & Mortar Living.
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Today we're welcoming a new columnist to the PGM blog, Jacqui Scoggin, the author of a blog I have long admired, Good Things Grow. Her monthly column will explore the thrills and challenges of growing a kitchen garden—along the same lines as Jesse & Melanie's Homesteading column in the print magazine, who couldn't use a little more garden-to-table, homesteading advice? With recipes?! We're thrilled to have you Jacqui, welcome! Read More
Every so often on the PGM blog we're going to introduce a slightly longer format, a featurette, if you will. In our premier edition, on Valentine's Day, we're talking with Christine Chanter, a perfumist from Toronto who crafts decadent scents with natural essential oils, a veritable treat for the senses. These photos were taken by PGM contributor Rebecca Wood; Christine was interviewed by our lovely intern Caroline Ariail. Read More

Volume 5 | John Muir

Posted By:Celine
In our newest issue, Volume 5, Wanderlust, we were lucky to have Kelsey Brown (the illustrious and talented author behind Happyolks) write a gorgeous piece about hiking the mountains in her backyard of Denver, Colorado (with stunning photos shot by her partner Shaun, which made our cover!). Kelsey wrote the article using a quote from John Muir as a jumping off point, and I thought it would be fun for Kelsey to share a little more about John and why she admires him so. Read More
I am excited to share with you today a fun treat! A gorgeous giveaway from Living Wood Designs, a new PGM ad partner that we're very excited to have on board. The creators behind the wood studio, Anna & Andy, have very generously offered up this one of a kind black walnut charcuterie board with a live edge to one lucky PGM reader (valued at $98!!). You have one week to enter, simply leave a comment below, good luck! Read More
I'm very excited to share these photos with you providing a tiny little glimpse inside the new issue. Themed 'Wanderlust', this issue centers on travel. It tells real stories of the adventures of our contributors, and it shares the beauty of this world with you, hopefully evoking within you a deep sense of stewardship for this place we call home. Each page holds a treasure, and visually I'm proud to say I think this is perhaps our best issue yet. The contributors who worked on this issue with me have really outdone themselves, and to take in the pages with a warm cup of tea is to spend an few hours dreaming of faraway places.
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The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. Truly. As a small, independent publication, each time press time rolls around I find my time monopolized, and keeping on top of it all is often a challenge. That said, while I'm busy stuffing envelopes, applying address labels and packing boxes of magazines for retailers, I came across Waxing Kara in my 'inspiration' folder, and fell in love all over again—I'm taking a time out to share it with you! Read More
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