A few weeks ago I was lucky to receive this lovely note from one of our contributors Jaime Maddalena, of the talented photography duo Joseph+Jaime. They contributed the breathtaking travel feature in our current issue featuring the Amalfi Coast—based on those photos, one day I must go there!! Jaime also pens a really neat blog titled Send More Mail, where she chronicles the delight of sending and receiving mail, paper goods and her lovely stamp collection. I like to visit every so often as I am reminded of life's simple pleasures such as receiving or writing a letter, something I never take the time to do (but I love the romance of it). Thank you Jaime for the letter!!! Read More
Star-gazing has been a loved activity of mine since childhood and admittedly, I've never been very good at picking out all the constellations, which must be why the star map was such a fun project. That said, star-gazing can be more than identifying age-old groups of stars with fabled stories from centuries ago. Sometimes, it's nice just to let one's imagination run amok—get lost in the celestial heavens and make up your own fabled stories. This is what artist Alex Beeching set out to do in this series of drawings where he interpreted his own 'constellations' based on the idea that with a little imagination one can see what one wants to see, just as a cloud can look like a camel, a hat and a trombone respectively to different people. Read More
What a lovely place! The Grounds of Alexandria is a coffee roaster alongside a café and luscious herb and heirloom vegetable garden. Located in Sydney, Australia in a circa 1900 pie factory, the café has embraced it's industrial roots by incorporating vintage industrial elements such as the exposed brick, black steel shelving, windows and doors, concrete floors, minimalist subway tiles and metal Tolix chairs. Aside from the heritage building, The Grounds is committed to sustainable practices through it's pursuit of local and fresh ingredients, most of which is harvested straight from the garden, along with eggs from their three hens. Read More

DIY | Place Cards

Posted By:Erin
I've mentioned before in this space how much I'm a fan of simple projects. For me, the idea of elaborate table decorations at dinner parties is beautiful in theory, but I often find that after making the dinner itself and setting out the plates and cutlery, I've about exhausted my hostess energy stores. Read More
It's around this time of season when tomato vines in the garden are literally dripping with fruit, so much so that in my garden I have to wonder what on earth I'll do with them all. One of my favourite late summer recipes is this Israeli couscous and roasted tomato dish, a recipe I love from an issue of Gourmet (September, 2002). Read More

New Stockist | Terrain

Posted By:Celine
Many a time I have wished I lived closer to Terrain, a wonderfully gorgeous store that transforms the local garden center into a celebration of nature inspired by the idea of merging house and garden to create an experience for the senses. Now with two locations in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania and Westport, Connecticut, each location has an onsite nursery, gorgeous homewares and gifts and an event/cafe space with delicious, seasonal menus. It's a magical place where one can get lost in the pleasure of the combined shopping and natural experience, and now I am so very pleased to share that Pure Green Magazine will be available at Terrain as well! What an incredible delight!! Thank you so much to the folks at Terrain for supporting Pure Green! Perhaps one day I'll have the pleasure of visiting myself! Read More
Like many of the recipes we create for the Organic Kitchen, this one is part of Jonathan and my personal roster of favourites. It's a regular Sunday breakfast at our house, heartily filling, easy but so so tasty, and impressive enough to serve to guests. Take advantage of your fresh garden basil while you still have it and whip up this fabulous open-face sandwich, it makes a great light dinner option too! Enjoy! Read More


Posted By:Celine
PGM is taking a wee bit of a holiday. It's time to go camping!!!! xo, see you next week, Celine Read More
I chanced upon Shelter Co. and immediately loved what this small event and and pop-up lodging service does. With European style canvas tents as the backbone of their service, Shelter Co. will provide all the necessary ammenties for you and your group to camp not just in luxury but in style. A wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors, depending on your needs they can provide full-service catering and even restrooms. They cater to weddings, small weekend camping expeditions, corporate retreats or whatever your needs may be. Their venue partners offer stunning vistas for an experience you won't easily forget. Pretty sweet! Read More
Three Potato Four is an industrial vintage shop we have admired for a long time, and I'm honored that Pure Green is available there! The shop is a veritable treasure trove of constantly evolving vintage inspiration — boy I wish the PGM offices were closer, we'd be over there constantly sourcing props for Pure Green shoots! Read More
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