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A special blog Workplace feature with Owl & Goose, green smoothie gurus from Toronto. "Warning: drinking green smoothies is addictive and totally life changing. There is a shift that happens when you do something so good for yourself. The power of greens is incredible. Suddenly you feel different, energetically lighter, like anything is possible. It's an amazing thing." Read More
I'm excited to share today a brand new Pure Green collaboration with Pauline Boldt, a wonderful photographer and lovely, lovely person from Winnipeg, Manitoba. In this first post we're sharing Sage Gardens, a nursery in Winnipeg selling exclusively edible and organic plants and herbs. Read More

Inspiration | Foraging

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The last few weeks Jonathan and I have been harvesting the most lovely wild leeks. Foraging is something my eyes have recently been opened to, and it's wonderful. Once you know what to look for, it adds such a layer of fun to forest walks and it's wonderfully satisfying to eat! I'm going to try some interesting spruce jelly next. So far mushroom foraging hasn't been very fruitful! Have you every foraged? I would love to hear tales of what you've collected! Read More
Looking for a place to go out for brunch this Mother's Day in Toronto? Might we suggest Cafe Belong? This new to us resto looks too delightful to resist. Of course, the vintage industrial vibe goes far with us also, not to mention the organic, local ingredients on the menu - a definite must try! Cafe Belong is located at the Evergreen Brickworks, a restored brick factory that is now one of the centerpoints for sustainable food culture in Toronto. Read More
We haven't really been talking Valentine's Day here on Pure Green, but when I came across Clare Day yesterday I couldn't help but share her work with you and it is rather fitting that it's February 14. Clare lives in Victoria, BC where her love of gardening has literally blossomed into a fabulous floral design studio. Even better is that the studio is located on her organic produce farm, Red Damsel Farm where many of the flowers she works with are grown right in her own backyard. Read More
I happened upon this product by chance, and while I haven't tried it [yet] I was instantly charmed by Sprout A Revolution's business ethics, branding and packaging! Read More
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