Bonus | Dave Stanfield

Posted By:Celine
Bonus photos of canoe restorer and builder Dave Stanfield from Volume 3. Dave works on canoes within the setting of a century-old summer camp, a place steeped in history and tradition, and Dave himself has inherited his craft, life's work, and even the physical workshop, from others that have passed before him. Read More

Selexyz Dominicanen

Posted By:Celine
This stunning book store, the Selexyz Dominicanen in Maastricht, is housed inside a 13th century Dominican church (originally consecrated in 1294); the setting is dramatic and thrilling—it has won awards and been called one of the finest bookstores in the world. Read More

Kerry Russell Home

Posted By:Celine
Actress Keri Russell's restored 1860's NYC brownstone. Read More
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