Dispatches | Kew Gardens

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A visit to the stunning Kew Gardens in London, England, with Pauline, our Dispatches columnist. Read More
Bonus images from our feature in Volume 5, Wanderlust: Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Read More
At PGM we are so lucky to be able to work with photographers Joseph + Jaime on a regular basis. We have thus far featured two of their incredible vacations in Italy, including this trip to Puglia in our current issue, Wanderlust. Joseph + Jaime's photographs have a certain quality about them, they are luminescent, and I couldn't resist posting a few additional photos not seen in the printed edition. It is always a struggle choosing which photos to print, thank goodness for blog posts to share all the extra goodies. To read more about their trip and Puglia, scroll down for links to both our print and iPad editions, and in the meantime, enjoy these photos and moment of respite they afford you. Read More
I'm very excited to share these photos with you providing a tiny little glimpse inside the new issue. Themed 'Wanderlust', this issue centers on travel. It tells real stories of the adventures of our contributors, and it shares the beauty of this world with you, hopefully evoking within you a deep sense of stewardship for this place we call home. Each page holds a treasure, and visually I'm proud to say I think this is perhaps our best issue yet. The contributors who worked on this issue with me have really outdone themselves, and to take in the pages with a warm cup of tea is to spend an few hours dreaming of faraway places.
Read More
Nestled in the Pedras Salgadas forest and nature reserve in Portugal sits this quiet little eco-resort, which consists of seven cabins spread throughout the forest. Designed to exist in harmony with nature, the cabins utilize smart modern and efficient building techniques using natural materials... Read More
An continuation of exquisite imagery from the earlier post featuring Babylonstoren, a working farm / luxury getaway in South Africa. Read More
To travel has a constant appeal for me - there are so many places that I have yet to discover, but every so often I come across a place that sparks a wanderlust so fierce and so complete that I find myself capable of thinking of very little else. The place shown in these photos is an example of just that. Called Babylonstoren, it is a working farm that dates back to 1690 in South Africa's Cape Dutch. Read More
A stunning piece of work. It's an incredible playground we live in. Project Yosemite is a collaborative project by Sheldon Neill and Colin Delehanty who wanted to show Yosemite in an extreme way using timelapse photography. The results are breathtaking and it embodies everything I love: the great outdoors, camping, paddling and a few things I'd like to learn like rockclimbing. But more than anything this will leave you completely awestruck. The beauty is just something else... to appreciate the wonder of our planet is to fuel a desire to preserve it. Read More

Inspired | Safari Style

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What can I say... yes please!! A safari style portable tent— make anywhere you fancy your glamping pleasure. Read More
Truly this doesn't need much introduction. It's a stunning reminder of the beauty found in nature and exactly the type of thing that fuels my passion to preserve and to appreciate. We Were Wanderers is an ode to the incredible flora and fauna of Malaysia –directed by James Griffiths, the video is narrated to excerpts from Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, published in 1899. Read More
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