PGM 08 | A Homesteading Life with Ashley English of Small Measure

Jan 02 2015

This episode I'm talking with Ashley English, the voice behind Small Measure, a blog dedicated to life on her homestead, where she lives with her husband Glen and four year old son Huxley. She’s also the author of 7!!! books, the 8th is already written, and there are more on the way! She’s accomplished, motivated and down to earth, and she loves what she does. You can tell, which is why it was so nice talking with her. In the show, Ashley shares with us how, under very serendipitous circumstances, she began her learning journey in homesteading, and how her life has evolved from there. It’s all happened very naturally and organically for her, a sure sign that she is following her heart and is exactly where she should be in this life. She talks about working with the seasons and insists that while country living is wonderful, you can homestead anywhere, even in the busy city. She also shares some awesome advice for writers hoping to publish a book. Get detailed show notes with links over at Thank you for listening!

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A few snapshots from around Ashley's homestead and from shooting her book, Handmade Gatherings, to give you an idea of the beauty Ashley is surrounded by! I sincerely hope you enjoy this episode of the PGM Podcast! Please help us spread the word by sharing the show if you enjoyed it! There's tweetable links below, and any Instagram, Facebook or other sharing is very, very appreciated! Find detailed show notes with time stamps at the bottom of the post! Thanks for listening and see you next week! Listen/Subscribe in iTunes | Stitcher

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PHOTOGRAPHY via Small Measure

Show Notes & Main Themes

Ashley shares her background, and where her homesteading skills are rooted. 3:00
How Ashley became a homesteading writer, and the beginnings of her homestead itself: 8:00
Ashley shares a few thoughts for aspiring writers on how to get a book published: 11:00
Ashley paints a picture of her homestead as it is today: 12:50
Hugh Fearnley Wittingstall, whose theories on land stewardship Ashely & Glen have modelled.
How Ashley handles work with the addition of her son: 19:30
Some of the key things that Ashley works on each season, which are the cornerstone of homesteading: 22:00
Ashley's quick takeaway tips on hosting a potluck dinner (see her book, Handmade Gatherings): 24:00
Some of the challenges Ashley has had to overcome: 27:00
A few small things that a person just starting out homesteading could try first, until they become habitual, and then you can add a few more ideas or tasks: 29:30
ThredUp, one of Ashley's primary sources for consignment clothing.
How Ashley advises people who would like to homestead but don't live in the country: 33:00
"The setting shouldn't stop you!" 
Getting started keeping chickens: 36:00
"You find time for what you're interested in." Pitching homesteading to a skeptic, or someone who feels they don't have any time to try it out: 39:00
Ashley's first four books, The Homemade Living Series, are good primers for getting started:
Talking about Ashley's book writing (awesome for any aspiring writers!): 42:30
On writing book proposals: 44:50 
  • Approach existing writers who are open to offering a guiding hand or a leg up.
  • When writing a book proposal, you might consider working with an agent
  • Look for publishers that already work in your area of interest
  • Make sure your idea is as specific as possible
  • Be aware of any competitive titles
  • Know who your market is (the buyer profile or demographic, avenues of promotion)
  • Once you get a book proposal accepted: try to cultivate sincere relationships with other authors and bloggers who would be open to sharing your work
Keep up with Ashley on her blog: