PGM 35 | Zero Waste Living with Bea Johnson

Jan 08 2016

I'm really excited about this episode for a bunch of reasons. First, this guest has been requested several times by our listeners, and second, this is an episode that I feel could make a big impact, and thus, a big difference. Our guest today has been called the Waste-Free Priestess by the New York Times, she has won green awards, has authored a book, and promotes and speaks about her lifestyle around the world. She is responsible for a global movement that has been called the way of the future, inspiring change nearly everywhere she goes. Her name is Bea Johnson, and she writes Zero Waste Home, a blog and now a bestselling book of the same name. Before we dive into the episode, consider this: The average American household produces about 1,600 pounds (726 kg) of garbage per year. ... which averages to 29 pounds per week, per person. I've read that those numbers are even higher in Canada. Bea, and her family of four, produces only a quart-sized mason jar of trash per year, yes, per year. And in this episode, she will explain how she does it (and what we don't cover, you can read in her book). Finally, unfortunately we experienced a few sound quality issues during recording unbeknownst to myself. Bea is a busy lady, so rather than rerecord we've done our best to clean it up. All the incredibly useful information Bea shares is there and ready for the taking, so enjoy and be ready to be inspired!

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VISIT BEA'S SITE to learn more: ZERO WASTE HOME or check our her BOOK! | PODCAST produced by Ben Goldstein

What We Cover & Notes

  • How Bea defines zero waste living.
  • What her life was like prior to adopting the zero-waste lifestyle and the impetus for change.
  • How to get your family, and particularly kids, on board with a zero waste lifestyle, including how to handle toys!
  • Bea's main principles of zero waste living: REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE, RECYLED, ROT. 
  • Deconstructing a few main areas of the house, particularly the kitchen which is where a lot of waste is produced.
  • How to shop zero waste, and the zero waste pantry. 
  • The basics of a minimalist wardrobe.
  • A few challenges you might face, such as my particular battle with food packaging.