PGM 11 | Finding the Antarctic, Fulfilling Dreams & Compelling Change with Carol Devine

Jan 21 2015

Welcome to Episode 11 of the Pure Green Podcast. This week Celine talks to the fascinating Carol Devine, co-author of “The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning”, researcher, humanitarian, and activist who as she puts it, “[loves] to explore inner and outer worlds”. Carol’s work carries a positive message with it that underscores everything she does and her passion for the well-being of both wild and human landscapes is absolutely contagious. In this episode, Celine speaks with Carol about her love for the continent of Antarctica, why environmentalism is so important to her and how to spread the awareness in a hopeful way. How she is passing this legacy of caring for our planet on to the next generation and why realizing the inherent connection between us and our world is a keystone of preservation.

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Show Notes & Main Themes

  • Carol’s motivation to make this passion her career 4:00
  • How Carol’s fascination with the Arctic began 5:00
  • Her evolution from young, enthusiastic volunteer to being a program creator 6:57
  • The effects of pollution and litter in Antarctica 8:50
  • “There’s no morally superior place for garbage” - On what to do with debris 10:42
  • Carol describes her first glimpse of Antarctica’s otherworldly beauty 12:20
  • How Antarctica’s global community inspired her to take her mission back home 15:00
  • Why she chooses to use positive and inspirational messages to protect and preserve the environment rather than fear-based motivation 17:00
  • “We have to have beautiful images to juxtapose the really concerning true stories” 20:00
  • Why Carol chose the title “The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning” and the unique format of her book 20:56
  • People’s initial response to the book 25:28
  • How Carol passes this legacy down to her daughter Veronica 27:30
  • “I need the hopefulness” - Why Carol chooses to incorporate the next generation in her environmentalism and how she keeps the message a positive one32:34
  • “We have incredible stories of human survival so let’s be buoyed by them” - On her reasons for having an optimistic view in the midst of climate change 35:02
  • “Everything we can do to think about how to live now in a really kind of radically different way is gonna be important for glaciers and human survival” 36:08
  • Carol’s advice on how to make significant environmental change in your own life 37:00
  • What she sees as the evolution of the children’s program 37:30
  • How to get involved with Carol’s cause 39:31

Read more about Carol on her website to stay up to date on all of her projects! 

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