PGM 06 | Eating & Living Mindfully with Claire Ragozzino

Dec 19 2014

Welcome to another episode of the Pure Green podcast. Claire Ragozzino is the voice and blogger behind Vidya Cleanse. She's a certified holistic nutritionist and yoga instructor. She speaks with a gentle cadence, and her interview is full of inspiration, serving as a guide for anyone seeking to learn more from their bodies, who wants to feel better, or just, more centered. Lately I've come to think that the cultural ideal of balance in life and work that we all seek is a myth, but Claire sort of restored my faith in the pursuit. I suppose that's why she's the teacher, and I am the student. During the show we talk about Claire's learning journey to living and eating mindfully. We talk about yoga, and the sometimes cultural imbalance we hold towards the discipline. We talk of cleansing, how to set a goal or resolution and stick to it (hint, it's not about aiming straight for the top). We talk of Ayurvedic nutrition (like what the heck that is), how to listen to your body, and why having a hand in preparing your food is important. There's a lot to hear in this podcast, I know you'll enjoy it. Even if you're interests don't lie in yoga, or holistic nutrition, it's worth the time spent. Get detailed show notes with links over at Thank you for listening!

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To get you steeped in the beauty that is Claire's world, I wanted to share Claire's Fall kitchen video and select photos from the shoot. Head over to Vidya Cleanse for the recipe that Claire is preparing in the photos.

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FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY by Kara & Jeremy Choate | PODCAST PRODUCED by Ben Goldstein

Show Notes & Main Themes

  • Claire introduces herself and shares her background growing up in Alaska.
  • "If you want things in life you have to really work to make them happen."
  • "It left a lot of space for dreaming." (On growing up in Alaska)
  • "Dreams don't work unless you do."
  • Claire tells us how her current lifestyle of eating and living mindfully began with digestive problems she struggled with in her teens. 5:25
  • Why raw food may not be for everyone: 7:30
  • Claire avoids food labels (raw, vegan, etc) because it creates a tendency to shame or chastise yourself when you 'fall off the wagon', which in turns leads to giving up. She teaches flexibility, kindness and listening to your body instead: 9:00
  • Claire's learning journey continues, going to school for International Development and Sustainable Agriculture Nutrition, working at the UN, getting her yoga instruction certification and then finally with a research project studying the impact of Western yoga tourism in India: 10:00
  • Book resource: Mark Singleton | Yoga Body
  • The results of Claire's research in India: the definition of yoga is varied (13:50), as is our experience and relationship with it. It's more mindful than physical.
  • Exploring the spiritual vs. the postural side of yoga:14:45
  • Yoga Teacher: David Williams "Yoga is about showing up, breathing deep, and feeling good." If it has to be more complicated than that, then you are missing the beauty and the simplicity.
  • The development of Vidya Cleanse: 19:00
  • Matthew Kenney: Raw food
  • "I like to call juicing is 'easy alchemy'." 20:30
  • Claire tells us about her January cleanse program, focusing on an Ayurvedic Kitchari cleanse 21:24. (A 'building or mono diet', and is warming rather than cooling like a juice cleanse.) Also incorporates: Kitchen Sadhana (a committed prayer) - practicing mindful yoga while cooking // Dinacharya - self-care rituals
  • "When you're cleansing, it's a time to pause, and be still, and give back to ourselves."
  • Claire's advice on how to set realistic, attainable health resolutions, and how to stick with them: 25:45 (Spiral trajectory rather than straight). "
  • Give ourselves some space to ebb and flow, to wax and wane, to be sad and to be happy, and know that we are always progressing. The moment we wake up in the morning and choose to do one thing that makes us happier or our communities healthier, it's all really positive."
  • Claire explains Ayurvedic nutrition: 30:30 (Ayurveda = the science of life): "It allows us to be in touch with the rhythm of the earth, and if there's anything you can count on it's that." // It's about knowing your body type, in each moment. // Read Maya Tuari - The Living Ahimsa Diet 
  • How to learn to listen to your body: 34:00
  • "When in doubt, put a hand in your food. It puts a little of your love into your food." 37:00 (Think about the energy transfer into your food: the integrity of the ingredients, or the intention of the person making it.) "It's underestimated how much effect something prepared with love vs. anger or frustration can have on you." (The difference between eating for fuel vs. nourishment.)
  • "Start with the now. Don't get too far ahead of yourself." 40:55
  • "Be aware of labels, but not too caught up in being a label (vegan, raw, etc.)." 41:50
  • Exploring the idea of integrative wellness.
  • How Claire seeks calm: 45:00
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