PGM 17 | Minimalism, Organization & Life in Small Spaces with Erin Boyle (EXTENDED VERSION)

Mar 19 2015

Have you ever considered de-cluttering your life by living with less? Erin Boyle of Reading My Tea Leaves did and now she can’t go back. In Episode 17 of the Pure Green Podcast, Celine speaks with Erin who is a successful author on the topic as well as a minimalist and mother. She discusses how she got started, her experience thus far, and the tips, tricks, and motivation for continuing to live small. In a world full of excess, it’s hard to consider living another way, but as Erin says, “it all comes down to being purposeful”. She is also the author of an upcoming book titled, “Simple Matters”, so if you want to know more, keep an eye out for her book (coming in 2016) and definitely visit for some beautiful inspiration on organized, minimalist living.

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Erin's old 240 sq. ft. apartment

And her new, spacious 400 sq ft apartment!

Flowers feature often in Erin's home as they offer a soft touch of nature and inspiration.

PHOTOGRAPHY courtesy of Erin Boyle


Show Notes & Main Themes

Note - these show notes coordinate with the shortened version. 

  • 3:30 Erin’s take on living with less and how she got started
  • 10:10 Her experience thus far, living in a small space
  • 21:07 I think it’s a big challenge in maintaining your space and living purposefully in a space […] we are not single actors […] there are all sorts of influencers - on how to navigate challenges of including your loved ones in the lifestyle of living with less
  • 24:08 “It’s not the things you love that bother you, it’s all the excess” 
  • 24:45 “If you quell the amount of stuff coming in, you have less to get out” 
  • 25:24 “It all comes down to being purposeful”
  • 27:16 The effect of the life-cycle and production process of products, and why buying second-hand is important
  • 30:54 Some of the things Erin considers before buying or trying a product
  • 37:10 How she approaches minimalism and parenting
  • 38:45 “To me it was kind of normal to make due without, until I needed something” - on buying products for her child 
  • 40:52 Erin discusses the motivation behind her upcoming book, “Simple Matters”

Visit Erin's blog: Reading My Tea Leaves