PGM 25 | Wildcrafting: The True Local Flavor with Laura Gilmore

May 22 2015

If you’ve ever been interested in learning more about harvesting wild, native plants, either to eat or to make simple remedies, you’re going to love this episode. I had the opportunity to sit down with Laura Gilmore, a teacher, wildcrafter and herbalist whose knowledge about ecology, plants and their uses is incredibly vast. Wildcrafting is the act of going out into the natural world, be it your backyard or nearby forests or fields and harvesting wild plants for medicine or eating. While this is something that our ancestors would have done out of necessity, as of late the craft has been enjoying somewhat of a revival. In this episode Laura provided a lot of tips and advice on how to get started safely. We also talk about the place that wildcrafting has in a modern world, and what Laura envisions for it’s future. Get shownotes over at, and share you feedback over on our Facebook page at Thanks for listening!

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PHOTOGRAPHY by Erin Monett | PODCAST produced by Ben Goldstein

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Laura also writes for Pure Green, check out her first feature inside Vol. 10!