PGM 01 | Motherhood & Livelihood: Managing a Fulfilled Life with Lauralee Whitman

Nov 11 2014

Lauralee Whitman of RunwayXchange shares her entrepreneurial journey, some great advice on managing your closet, and how she transitioned from life as a workaholic to a balanced, nurturing mother of two.

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WOOOT! I'm pretty excited to introduce you to the newcomer to the group of PGM content platforms, a weekly podcast conversation with people that inspire us, and live their lives in sync with the values we hold at Pure Green. 

In the first session you'll meet a young mother who had never anticipated owning her own business, but through chance and serendipitous circumstance she has nurtured both a business and her entrepreneurial spirit, until both have flourished. Her name is Lauralee Whitman, and her business is called RunwayXchange, a consignment store that sells, cool, desirable, second hand clothes, something we, at Pure Green, can definitely get into.

In the show, Lauralee and I talk about a lot, but here are a few points that stood out:

  • Her entrepreneurial journey and what she's learned along the way 
  • Some smart tips on managing your closet and the trend of buying resale clothing
  • The transition from working full-time and into motherhood (which was full of surprises for Lauralee) and what that meant for how she runs her business

Lauralee is honest and enthusiastic, and full of good advice for mothers juggling babies and business.

This episode is part of a mini-series I wanted to coincide with the family issue, featuring mothers raising a baby and a business at the same time and including a beautiful photo essay. The inspiration for the idea came from my own journey as a new mother, which was full of self-doubt on being able to manage it all, and I realized to move past it I needed a major review of my expectations, priorities, and how I viewed myself. The format of a podcast is a medium I really enjoy, you can really connect, and it pushed me to move out of my comfort zone enough to create and record the show—I really think that push, or stretch, every so often, is healthy. We've got a few really great profiles lined up, all with points of wisdom, and I can't wait to share them all! 

Since this is a new show, any help sharing and getting the podcast out there would be super great! There's a tweetable link below, and any facebook, instagram or pinterest sharing would be fabulous and very much appreciated. I've worked hard to produce this new podcast and am bursting at the seams so share it!

We've also set up a discussion board on our facebook page where we thought it would be fun to connect more personally with anyone who either really connected with the contents of the show, wanted to dig into something a little deeper, had a question for us, or just wanted to say hi! Click here to participate!

I sincerely hope you love it and will come back next week, we'll be talking with Bobbi Bankston of The Mason Bar Company!

UPDATE: The show is now available on both Sticther and iTunes. Head on over to subscribe, download and rate the show. Thank you for listening!

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ALL PHOTOS by Karyn Johnson for PGM

PHOTO STYLING by Carrie Moe of Type A Society for PGM

Show Notes

A few quick things:

Learn more about Lauralee's business, FashionXchange, here

The screen share software that Lauralee mentioned during the show was called Team Viewer. Get it here

This podcast, which I'm SO excited about launching, was the collaborative effort of an amazing group of people. I'd like to give them a shoutout here! 

  • Brian Englishman - Brian composed and created the PGM music. It's like our auditory logo, and I love it. Although our podcast is kicking off with a series on entrepreneurial mothers, it is my eventual hope that the podcast attract both male and female listeners. I think the music does an amazing job of appealing to both, and it has a fun yet slightly subdued vibe that I love. So thanks Brian!
  • Ben Goldstein - Ben took my audio interview, my introduction and conclusion, and stitched them all together to make the podcast sound so great, and professional—he's PGM's official podcast producer. I didn't want to launch a podcast if the quality wasn't there first, and Ben made that happen. He's wonderful to work with too! Thanks Ben for all your hard work and accommodating all my quirks!
  • Jonathan MacKay - Jonathan coached me along (I was somewhat reluctant at times) to help me sound as natural as possible. It's hard to listen to yourself talk for an hour, and I have lots of improving still to do, but for the introduction at least, I was happy to have Jonathan sharing advice on how to sound engaging and natural!
  • Anile Prakash - Anile is PGM's Design Director. Her fingerprints are all over every issue, she makes sure that all the layouts and content feel cohesive in the end. She created PGM's awesome and super cute podcast artwork, helping us attract new listeners in iTunes and across various other platforms.