PGM 16 | Looking Through the Lens with Susannah Conway

Mar 16 2015

On this episode of the Pure Green Podcast, Celine speaks with blogger, photographer, author, and teacher Susannah Conway. Susannah is a woman who has touched so many lives through the lessons she learned due to a tragic event that altered her own life many years ago. Now she teaches the healing methods that helped her so many years ago by focusing on cultivating a sense of calm through creativity, and integrating mindfulness and self-awareness into our everyday lives. There is so much wisdom and insight to be gleaned from Susannah’s conversation and we truly hope that you find your own inspiration from this talk, as well.

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“Life is a series of right nows strung together”- @SusannahConway on Ep. 16 of the Pure Green Podcast. 

“In creativity and healing, there is messiness”- @SusannahConway on Ep. 16 of the Pure Green Podcast. 

We pulled together some of Susannah's photo meditations to accompany the show - you can find more on her instagram feed!



Show Notes & Main Themes

  • The tragedy that spurred Susannah to start blogging 3:00
  • How she remained open and candid with her blogging audience 8:30
  • Susannah shares her interpretation of mindfulness 13:10
  • “Life is a series of right nows strung together” - Susannah on being present 14:43
  • Why tapping into her creativity allowed healing and empowerment for Susannah 18:33
  • The role that photography plays in her life on a daily basis 27:45
  • “I encourage them to break the rules” - Susannah’s approach to teaching photography 28:00
  • “Just enjoy the process of looking”- on teaching her students 29:02
  • The way that Susannah teaches photography as meditation 38:53
  • “In creativity and healing, there is messiness-- there’s no room for perfectionism in that” 48:44
  • What she believes draws people to her classes 1:02

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