PGM 19 | Living Happily Holistic with Tara Miller

Apr 02 2015

Would you eat the products in your bathroom? That is the question that Pure Green Podcast host, Celine MacKay asks us today as she speaks to holistic nutritionist and shop owner, Tara Miller. Tara Miller is the owner of an apothecary called Health Hut Boutique that specializes in non-toxic beauty care. Tara speaks with confidence and passion about her topic and reminds us why eating right and choosing safe products could prevent serious disease in our bodies and the people we love. If you are looking to make a change or broaden your perspective, this podcast will prove to be invaluable to you, as Celine and Tara discuss the hows, whats, and whys of making the switch to living, well, happily holistic.

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PHOTOGRAPHY courtesy of Health Hut Boutique


Show Notes & Main Themes

6:20 Tara’s definition of holistic nutrition — “holistic takes into account so much more than calories” — and why she thinks the health of your gut is a boon for your overall health
10:47 Foods that can cause inflammation, or other chronic symptoms, and how to filter them out of your diet.
14:44 “If we do want long-term sustainable growth, you really need to do that process for yourself and really understand” — Tara on how to interpret your body’s messages
25:06 The deep, potent effect that chemicals we consume have on our bodies and why awareness of what we consume is so important
28:05 Some of the most important products to swap out for holistic ones, and how to start integrating this practice into your life: “Work in your comfort zone, and start slowly”. 
30:18 “You have to put things into your lifestyle, that fit, and make you happy, and that work for you”
31:15 How her Mom’s cancer and the community around them inspired Tara to open up the Health Hut
36:20 “We don’t tend to be as preventive as we should be” — Why education and planning for a holistic future is the best way to take care of yourself
42:00 The ways in which Tara believes holistic living is becoming more mainstream 

Her favorite resources:

No More Dirty Looks
There’s Lead in Your Lipstick 
EWG (Environmental Working Group), Skin Deep
David Suzuki’s Dirty Dozen for Cosmetic Ingredients
Think Dirty