PGM 24 | The Evolution of a Cook: Tara O'Brady of Seven Spoons

May 14 2015

This week, I'm talking with the smart, super talented voice behind the popular food blog, and now book of the same name, Tara O'Brady of Seven Spoons. This conversation was a real treat, and I hugely enjoyed the hour we spent together. Tara writes her blog and her book with a personable voice; she comes across as both authority and friend. Her goal with her book, as she writes, was to provide you a seat at her own table, and be the friend you are talking to as you prepare a meal. She accomplished that and more, and her book has been released to critical acclaim. She's open, honest and very forthcoming in this interview, and you'll get to know her like never before as she speaks about coming into her own in the kitchen. Get show notes at as well as a peek inside her book. Share feedback about this episode and strike up a conversation on our facebook page: Thanks for listening!

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PHOTOGRAPHY by Pure Green Magazine | PODCAST produced by Ben Goldstein

What We Cover & Notes

  • Tara's intuitive and insightful understanding of flavour, and how she developed that "6th sense"
  • Her culinary influences
  • Growing up in a home of Indian descent, with multicultural influences, and how her family's deep love of food influenced who she is today
  • Setting yourself up for success and how to balance life, kids and cooking good meals
  • Her philosophy on food, and life
  • The difference between learning to cook, and becoming a cook
  • The evolution of her blog, Seven Spoons, and the ten-year journey that culminated in the release of her first book, to critical acclaim
  • How she developed her unique, personal writing style
  • Where she hopes to go from here