A Beautiful Morning

TEXT by Yvonne Rock | PHOTOGRAPHS by Yvonne Rock & Akira Takahashi


We are so delighted to bring you a special post from new PGM contributor Yvonne Rock (you'll be able to see her work in PGM Volume 9, expected in Summer, 2014). I'm insanely jealous as I share these photos this morning, as where I live it snowed yesterday. Yep. Five inches worth. I almost cried. I love winter, really love winter, but seriously, spring needs to come in a hurry. Charlie, my little one year old daughter, is stretching out her walking legs and I want to take her outside to play in the worst way! Yvonne got up early one morning last week to capture the magic happening in Washington, D.C right now, those cherry blossoms are incredible! The pastel hues are inspiring me like mad. Enjoy the post, and thank you so much Yvonne for sharing your beautiful work! - Celine

WE JUST EXPERIENCED AN ESPECIALLY LONG AND SNOW FILLED WINTER HERE IN WASHINGTON D. C. (maybe where you live too?) and when spring flowers started to bloom overnight, I couldn't have felt more brought to life myself as well. This week, the cherry blossoms peaked and I made it a point to be there for sunrise (when do we do this other than when on vacation or perhaps New Year's Day?!) and I brought along my husband Akira (to spend time and also to selfishly have him help shoot!), our little dog Ten Ten and my best girl friend here in D.C., Stephanie. 



We had coffee by the Tidal Basin, shared some trail mix (made from Ashley Neese's wonderful granola bar recipe- we make it every 2 weeks or so) and took a little walk around the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.


It was an incredible way to start the day. Waking up to see the sunrise with my best friends, enjoying this beautiful moment in nature (they truly are the prettiest on the first day of peak bloom!), and drinking coffee together. It was a big reminder for me to take advantage and enjoy the seasons (especially this gorgeous one) as well as time with loved ones.