At Home | Jed & Jessica

TEXT by Celine MacKay | PHOTOGRAPHS by Matthew Williams


SEVERAL YEARS AGO, WE FEATURED THE HOME OF LA FASHION STYLIST JESSICA DE RUITER AND ARTIST JED LIND. At some point I will dig out those photos and share them again, they originally appeared in our ages old online magazine (goodness the magazine has come a long way since then). I was awestruck by this house after chancing upon it in Martha Stewart Magazine (doubly strange since I don't typically read it), and then delighted to find that it was the home of Jessica and Jed. I felt compelled to share it here on the PGM blog, as a fun update, and as a dose of serious inspiration. You can read the whole story over here.


This incredible mid-century home features amazing use of plywood throughout. It's a simple material, yet the pronounced wood grain makes is a graphic and sometimes sophisticated choice. 


The painted fireplace and light colours keeps the home feeling really fresh. For a great non-toxic paint option we like Mythic Paint. Also love the tree as a focal point and to help clean the air!


For another green countertop option that still keeps this light and bright look, try Icestone, made of recycled glass and concrete.



More great plywood cabinetry. To recreate this look from new plywood, get FSC-Certified, non-toxic plywood from Pure Bond.


Totally amazing. To get a great, matte wood finish for cabinetry with a green product, we suggest an oil and beeswax blend, such as this one from Homestead House.


To get a set of organic cotton sheets, browse the beautiful linens over at Coyuchi.


Again, love everything about this. I've recently come across sustainable, hand-made cement tiles that are similar to this look (which in fact, as I just learned, is where these are from).


A really adorable yet sophisticated kids room for their daughter James. The mismatched vintage chairs are unified with a coat of paint in the same shade. Again, Mythic Paint makes a great semi-gloss option well-suited to furniture.