Kew Gardens

TEXT by Celine MacKay | PHOTOGRAPHS by Pauline Boldt


IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE THAT A NEW YEAR HAS DAWNED, AND THIS IS OUR FIRST POST IN 2014. I hope your days so far have been filled with joy and hope for the possibilites this year has to offer. A new calendar year feels akin to starting fresh, carrying with you lessons learned in the previous year, and shedding whatever may have dragged you down. What better way to celebrate a new beginning than with a beautiful Dispatches feature with Pauline, one that visits a place where renewal and vitality are abundant within the plants that thrive in this magical place, Kew Royal Botanic Gardens located in London, England. These shots focus on The Palm House, whose stunning curved domes hint at a Victorian grace and invite getting lost among the damp, humid air, the tall fronds brushing by as you walk slowly through. More than a place of infitine beauty, Kew does admirable work, a World Heritage Site with 250 years of history and a world leading plant science and conservation organisation. Their scientific resources and expertise are focused on finding plant-based solutions to global challenges such as biodiversity loss, food and water security, poverty, disease and changing climate. The strategy at the heart of this work is Kew’s Breathing Planet Programme (learn more).