Eco Read - The Art of Instruction

TEXT by Celine MacKay | PHOTOGRAPHS by A new release, this stunning book by Katrien van der Schueren, The Art of Instruction, explores the art of vintage educational posters.


Currently I have a closet full of old biology text books from University - I feel terrible throwing them out because, well, they were EXPENSIVE! Sadly used bookstores don't want them. So I've been keeping them around in case I suddenly have an urge to look up zygots or cell division or metamorphosis. And I'm pretty sure we both know how likely that is. But, if the pages looked a little something like this book, a new release called The Art of Instruction by Katrien van der Schueren, not only would learning have been a lot more fun, they wouldn't be stuck in a closet either. Katrien, who some of you may know as the owner of the L.A. gallery Voila, has been collecting vintage educational posters for nearly a decade. In her foreword, she explains that very little, if any, documenting or cataloging has been done to preserve these illustrated works of art that once held great purpose! I can only imagine schoolteachers pulling these down with a flourish and I would be saddened to know that they had been lost! This is Katrien's homage to her beloved collection, as well as her nod to preserving this lost form of art.

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The Art of Instruction: Vintage Educational Charts from the 19th and 20th Centuries[IMAGE-2]