Hidden Galleries | Fig & Fauna Part II

Sharing Part 2 of our Fig & Fauna Hidden Galleries series from Volume 4, this time we're headed outside in the magic hour (those amazing, late afternoon hours before dusk when the sun washes everything in it's warm glow)! I love the sense of companionship with the animals these photos exude, it seems the farm is a true symbiotic process. If you missed it yesterday, check out Part 1 first! A very big thank you to Megan and Rose for being a part of our issue, it was an honour to work them and I hope they will grace the pages of PGM again sometime soon!! 

ALL PHOTOGRAPHS by Rose Martin for Pure Green Magazine

TWO WAYS to read this gorgeous feature inside Volume 4: In luxurious PRINT & on our bespoke IPAD app. Thanks for reading!


such a lovely series of wonderful life moments
February 12, 2013 | Tammie

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