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My family and I usually draw names for Christmas, but this year we decided to play it a little differently and give each other stockings instead! We thought it would be fun to have more to open, although we've set quite strict parameters for budget so that each person would end up spending the same amount as if they'd bought one, bigger ticket item. And, we've added another twist - each item has to be food related! At our home, the holidays really do revolve around food - preparing brunch with my dad's famous pancakes, Jonathan and my mom labouring (with love) over turkey dinner... the sense of holiday and family really comes to life around the dinner table. So for these reasons (not to mention that we're all serious food enthusiasts) each stocking item has to either be edible or kitchen related. Sounds fun to me! 

Since this year due to busy schedules we missed out on holiday gift guides, I thought there still might be a few of you looking for stocking stuffers! I've gathered a little inspiration based on what I'm giving or would like to get! Here are a few ideas, many of which you could substitute for something available near you:

1. Beau's All Natural Beer - made near Ottawa, this is pretty local for me. If you have a craft brewery near you substitute this item. Graphic and pleasing labels feel like fancier gifts.

2. Chocolate - a local source may be hard to find, so just go for your favourite organic brand. I particularly like Ananda or Mast Brothers makes a great tasting and pleasingly packaged variety. 

3. Cutting Board Oil - this one from Union Wood Co in Vancouver is eye-pleasing and all-natural. Again a local source might be hard to find but you could perhaps try to make your own. 

4. Redecker Kitchen Brush - if you're looking to cut ugly plastic items from your home this is a great choice. Redecker kitchen brushes are handmade in Germany, made with wood and natural bristles. I believe they are carried by West Elm which is probably the most accessable source for most.

5. Weck Jars - endlessly useful and attractive to boot.

6. Flavour Thesaurus - I've been intrigued by this book since I discovered it a few years ago. Filled with flavour pairings, both expected and unusual, this is a recipe book like no other for beginners and chefs alike. Check your local bookstore or order online, I think there's still time if you order now!

7. Kicking Horse Coffee - My favourite blend of organic, fair-trade, rain-forest friendly coffee - you could substitute for a bean roasted near you.

8. Chemex Coffee Maker - Ok, perhaps a little more expensive than your average stocking stuffer, but this is Jonathan and I's new favourite kitchen tool, so I couldn't resist including it. Compared to your average coffee maker this one is quite affordable ($34.99-49.99) and looks amazing on the breakfast table as well. Glass is non-toxic and easily recyclable as well. The unbleached coffee filters are compostable.



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