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It is with pleasure that I introduce a new stockist for Toronto Pure Green Magazine readers, TYPE BOOKS!! I have been a fan of this wonderful little book shop for a long time - it's a thrill to now have Pure Green among the stacks! Woot! This stop motion video is amazing, a fabulous addition to 'Book Week' and a great introduction to TYPE—if you haven't seen it you're in for a treat, and if you have, well, watch it again! It's a little magical feeling and illuminates the life and character that I personally imagine books to naturally have... like when you first crack open a book you're REALLY excited about reading and just get lost in that world. (My personal favourite was the segment of books reading each other - just love that!) This video was created using stop motion, an incredibly work intensive technique as everything is shot frame by frame. It's an older technique that originally made it's debut in full length films using 'Clay-Mation' (everyone has a favourite clay-mation film right? My favourite is Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer, which was shot in Toronto!). Just to give you an idea of how impressive this is, you need hundreds of shots for a single minute of video—it's a painstaking process as each shot is changed just a touch to create the illusion of movement, like those cartoon flip-books we all had as kids. This video was created by Sean Ohlenkamp, an associate creative director at Lowe Roche, with the help of his wife Lisa and 15-20 volunteers. The motivation to create the video was a just pure love for books—since it's release the video has been seen around the world and the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. In Sean's words: “I think we’re living in a time that’s volatile right now for these brick and mortar business as well as things like physical books, with everything becoming more digitized and moving online. So I think this is a little bit of a rallying cry. It can remind people that while the Kindle is coming, books aren’t going.” (To read more about the video and the process behind it here's a link to a great article on Toronto.com and a Q&A by The National Post)



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