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I am madly working away this week finalizing our new issue, which will be released at the end of this month. I can't wait to share it! As I knew I would be a wee bit overwhelmed this week, I had tucked a few finds up my sleeve to share with you while I'm off being a busy worker bee. I am truly excited to have come across OLO Fragrance, a brand that couldn't be more perfect for Pure Green and our readers. Stylish, eco and not too feminine, I have found a new coveted love. Long ago I stopped wearing perfume—I'm picky you see. Fragrance is notorious for containing a host of hormone-disrupting chemicals and many are cloyingly strong, both major deterrents in my book. Fortunately OLO is none of these things—self-described as a 'tiny fragrance line based in Portland, Oregon', the creator behind the line, Heather Sielaff, uses only natural ingredients and essential oils to create her blends. The fragrances are inspired by nature and unisex—which I love as nothing is too floral or too sweet. A fabulous find. Love.

Above: A bit of inspiration via Heather's blog, the natural landscape that inspired her fragrances.

Images via OLO and Work.Place


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