Postcards | Joshua Tree

TEXT by Branden Peak | PHOTOGRAPHS by Brandon Harman For Topo Designs


Branden Peak is back with another Postcard From the Road which features his nomadic roving adventures postcard-style. We first met Branden (along with Taryn) inside the pages of Pure Green Magazine Vol. 8, in fact they were our cover story! Since then we've been following along with these postcards, which Branden has kindly been sending, since the nomadic lifestyle is one we can't get enough of. The images take you far away, dreaming of a life untethered; this time, Branden writes from the ethereal Joshua Tree. Check out the previous postcards in the series (White Sands Monument, Pagosa Springs & Lake City), and follow along daily on instagram as @spacetimetimespace.  

OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS OF TRAVELING, Joshua Tree has been really good to me. I always seem to find a calm in the wide open expanse of the desert that doesn't come as easy in other places I visit. The Joshua Tree itself is such a unique specimen when it comes to trees that it always leaves me wanting to spend more time with it—it flourishes in a landscape that is so hot and so dry that it only makes you think that anything is possible in this world. The National Park presents an opportunity to get up close to the places where the rocks and the trees collide in a perfect setting and revel in the natural beauty that the relationship between the two offers.

At this point we had walked not too far from where we parked and just started climbing all over the rocks and exploring. If you get the opportunity to visit JT do it. You won't be sorry. Tons of free camping outside of the park and lots to do. There are very cool art exhibits built into the desert and places like the Integratron that doesn't exist in any other place in the world.