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We work hard to produce carefully curated content that our readers will love and it's no surprise that Pure Green Magazine has found a new home at a shop with that same passion and drive. One could liken Red Moon to the adult equivalent of a candy shop. Bright and beautiful hand-made products sit sweetly on shelves, table tops, and even hang from the walls; musky and natural aromatic scents waft from a collection of earth-toned organic soaps and body products all made in small batch, and just when you think your eyes have grown as wide as possible, a subtle shimmer from the collection of handmade jewlery catches your eye and and draws you in. Of this you can be sure: no one ever leaves Red Moon empty handed.  


"My home is an extention of who I am as a person.  Just like the way you dress your body, your home is also a way to express yourself.  Why not add something unique that wasn't mass produced in some factory somewhere, instead I'll help you find items made by hand, in home studios from someone who has a story." says owner Christina Aiello who thoughtfully and rigorously stocks her shop with care. It is of the utmost importance to Aiello to be informed of every detail of each product from the time it was made to when it comes to her store, so that she can be certain that what Red Moon has to offer is only the best quality and is consciously made.


Located on Bangs Avenue in the culture-driven beachside town of Asbury Park, NJ Red Moon carries bespoke items made only in the USA. And here, there is something for everyone. 





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