I'm excited to share that this migration print is now available in the PGM shop! Originally featured as part of our Eco-Logical series in the magazine (Volume 5), this special map covers the migration habits of a few neat little animals who travel the world far and wide twice anually. It's awe-inspiring and informative, super great for kids, for nature-lovers or admirers of graphic prints. Read More
Star-gazing has been a loved activity of mine since childhood and admittedly, I've never been very good at picking out all the constellations, which must be why the star map was such a fun project. That said, star-gazing can be more than identifying age-old groups of stars with fabled stories from centuries ago. Sometimes, it's nice just to let one's imagination run amokā€”get lost in the celestial heavens and make up your own fabled stories. This is what artist Alex Beeching set out to do in this series of drawings where he interpreted his own 'constellations' based on the idea that with a little imagination one can see what one wants to see, just as a cloud can look like a camel, a hat and a trombone respectively to different people. Read More
New 2012 calendar by Pure Green Mag illustrator Bess Callard of English Muffin. Read More

Lena Corwin Maps

Posted By:Celine
Illustrated maps by Lena Corwin. Read More
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