The Conscious Environmentalist



The future is unknown, but we can't help but feel it is somewhat predicted unless we stop climate projections in their tracks. Changes on our planet are undisputed: a rise in global average temperatures, smog and pollution plagues, and random, disastrous weather patterns (to name a few) have become common place.

The discussion surrounding these issues is constant. We have been shown what we do not want, and we know we need to change, but the question is how? This question, this begging to know, to have a real impact, is one that we hear rippling around us and is one we've been asking ourselves for years. Changing your habits on an individual level is key, but we believe the day has come to each move our circle of influence beyond the individual. It's time to take action, as hugely inspiring events such as the protest at Standing Rock have shown us. But how to do it with heart? From a place of positivity and joy? How can we inspire others rather than strike fear in the minds of our family and friends? How can we begin to influence policy on a grander scale? How do we become 'Conscious Environmentalists'? What does it mean to live in this way?

Here are the basic principles as defined by us, the creators of Pure Green. These are pillars that we're nurturing this year, and forever more. It's a journey, for certain. We don't roll out of bed this way. But... we're committed to the process and the hard work, and truly believe this is a pursuit of truth, happiness, and peace. 

The Conscious Environmentalist | A Manifesto


Unequivically accept that all life on this planet is connected and that we should live consciously, sustainably and with respect for ourselves, each other, and all living things. This requires us to step out of ourselves and see the greater web of connection.


Live this way regardless of time, or place. If you call a big city home, you can absolutely adapt your habits and lifestyle, and celebrate the diversity of makers and foods at your fingertips, but don’t forget to spend as much time in nature as possible. If you live in the country celebrate the space you have to stretch and live, compost, and start a garden. Relish the outdoors, really breathe it in, and weave the essence of it into your very soul.


Believe in community. The foundation for our work lies in the spirit of community and it drives everything we do. We support each other with messages of strength and empowerment. Be a friend, mentor, and inspiration to live better.


Allow your new outlook to motivate you to influence/create change, and work tirelessly to achieve it in ways that fill you up.


You are never finished learning. The pathway to a more sustainable future is rooted in learning from our mistakes, so strive to be aware, to always adapt, and never assume that we know best. Oh, and read. Lots.


Take time for yourself. Embrace a slower pace, and know that in order to serve others we must first serve ourselves. Look for ways to live efficiently and simply, organized to increase freedom and reduce stress. Be sure to set some time aside to do the things that matter most to you, be it spending time on the mat, with your nose buried in a book, or with your hands in the earth. We honor ourselves by living holistically, eating foods that nourish us, choosing thoughts that empower us, and choosing to fill our homes with objects that possess the integrity of being made well and free from harmful chemicals. Focus on feeling, and being, well.


Eat with good conscience. What we eat is the foundation of a sustainable life. Eat close to the earth, and whenever possible shop at farmers' markets for food that is grown locally and organically, or better yet, forage and grow food yourself. Love and respect food, and believe in its power to nourish our souls as well as our bellies. At bare minimum, to quote Michael Pollan: "Eat food [real food]. Mostly plants."


Speak up. The greatest danger is that we adopt a fatalistic view, believing that the world happens to us and that we have no role of any consequence. This is untrue. Your actions matter. If you see things happening at the policy level, be it municipally or federally, find a way to make your opinion known. Send an email, sign (or even start) a petition and share it with your circle of influence, etc. Try to do things in a way that feel true to you, even if it's simply starting a green program at your child's school, or volunteering if one exists. Start to believe in the power of one (and that, indeed, 1+1=2, and so on and so forth).


Purchase consciously. It may not always feasible or within our budget to buy organic or sustainably, but usually at least an option can be found that is locally handmade. Aim to buy quality, and timeless design—if it doesn't wear out quickly or go out of style, it won't have to be replaced.


Radiate true love. For this planet. For your family, yourself, and others. Believe that you can follow any path, all that is required is daring greatly and knowing, truly knowing, that you speak and pursue your truth.