Pure Green In Season



Click here if you are interested in submission guidelines. We are now accepting submissions.

If you are new to our ongoing project, allow us to fill you in:

This past fall we ran an instagram campaign designed to bring together the Pure Green community by sharing recipes and photography inspired by seasonal ingredients. The results of the campaign were phenomenal. With the help of our community leaders Lindsey Love, Claire Ragozzino and Laura Wright, we received over 800 submissions in just a few short weeks. As we marveled at all the submissions, an exciting idea began to form.

We proposed to you a very special project. A continuation of #PGMinseason, but reinvented in much grander fashion: a printed, hardcover cookbook, with our community as the author. Pure Green In Season: A Collaborative Recipe Anthology. Over a period of one year, in order to guide us through the many seasons, we will hold a series of open calls for submissions. What we're asking for is a developed recipe, supported with great food photography and styling. Each submission will be reviewed by us, one at a time and with careful consideration. The result? A gleaming cookbook, beautifully designed and executed with nothing but the best, most delightful finishes (in typical Pure Green style), with a hundred and fifty recipes spanning the bounty that each season offers.

And the logistics:

Now, it's easy to have our head in the clouds about this—we tend to dream big over here at PGM. This is a collaborative project through and through. As such, we will be funding the book using a crowdfunding campaign. There are still some specifics to figure out, but when the time comes to launch the campaign we'll be calling on the community at large to help us get the word out. We don't doubt for a moment that the project will be supported, especially with all of your help!

Please read on for the submission guidelines, only submissions that meet all the requirements will be considered.


  1. Please include a short paragraph introducing the recipe and any anecdotal stories of how you came to create it or why you particularly love the seasonal ingredient(s) used so much.
  2. An original, completed and tested recipe. Please note, by submitting you are guaranteeing that this recipe is entirely your own. Recipes 'adapted' from other pre-existing recipes will not be considered.
  3. Submission must include a minimum of one, vertical full page high resolution photograph.
  4. We will allow submissions with several contributors, such as a recipe writer, stylist and photographer, etc., just be clear to note the specifics.
  5. Recipes must feature at least one, seasonal, local ingredient (such as a soup based on squash) appropriate with the season of the submission period. NOTE: our previous round featured vegetarian recipes almost exclusively. This is not a requirement, we may also include recipes with meat as long as the meat is ethically and locally sourced—this is another important way to support local livestock farmers.
  6. Submissions will only be accepted during the open calls in order to give us time to process and sort through submissions. Dates for the open calls will be announced with several weeks in advance.
  7. While the best case scenario is that your submission be previously unpublished, we will accept submissions that have been previously published on your personal blog or website, so if you have a bank of recipes already done, that you know are awesome, send us over a few! (Note: recipes that have been published on any major, third party blogs, such as Design Sponge or Food52, or in any print books or magazines, will not be considered.)
  8. There is a limit of 5 submissions per contributor.
  9. Click the image below to submit!


We will be considering each submission and looking for a few key things:

  • Our food editor Jonathan will be reviewing the recipes and making his selection based on interest of the recipe; use of at least one main seasonal ingredient(s); the quality, healthfulness and mindfulness of all ingredients; and flavour combinations. Other criteria that we might look for include innovation and personality in the recipes.
  • Quality of the photography, food styling and prop styling will also play a role. Please click here to see a sample submission.