PGM 29 | Home is Where You Park It with Branden Peak

Jul 03 2015

The idea of lifestyle design, this concept of being able to create the life of your dreams and be successful doing it, feels something like a modern fairy tale. It just doesn’t feel possible. But here’s the thing. In this day and age, with so many people finding ways to create a business online or, if employed, work from home, there is actually less stopping you from creating the freedom you crave then you might think. Today I’m excited to introduce Branden Peak, who has done just this – he designed the life of his dreams and has been living a very blessed life on the road for the past 2.5 years with his Airstream. In his words, home is where you park it, and he has been able to experience the most inspiring places and call them home until the desire to move on strikes again. His lifestyle is just incredible. We talk about how he did all of this and how you can do it too in this episode, and before you go thinking that you could never do this with kids, well, we talk about that too. It’s all possible if you want it, and even if you don’t think that life without a permanent address is for you, this episode is hugely inspiring just to listen to. Get show notes over at, and leave your comments over on our Facebook page at Thanks for listening!

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We also featured Branden as the cover story in Volume 8, written by the talented Melissa Belongea, and we're sharing a few of those gorgeous shots, photographed by Alison Vagnini, to help you get deeper into the interview. Scroll below for a special bonus discount for you to purchase a copy of Volume 8 to get the most out of this feature. 

PHOTOGRAPHY by ALISON VAGNINI for PGM | PODCAST produced by Ben Goldstein

What We Cover & Notes

  • Branden speaks about how his travels in Nicaragua, where he saw that those living with less seemed happier, planted the seed of simplifying his life.  
  • How Branden set up his Airstream, and why he chose an Airstream in the first place.
  • Branden talks about all the ecological measures he's taken to mitigate the impact of life on the road. This includes using solar power, using mainly Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) as fuel, and learning to be incredibly efficient with water. These have all led to life-changing habits which now give Branden purpose on his travels as well, as he makes a point of sharing his ideas with others.
  • We dive into WVO in more detail, in case you're interested in the idea!
  • Branden talks to us about what is life like on a daily basis? Why he rejects the idea of a 5-year plan, and what the future holds.
  • Branden answers the question on everyone's mind, which is how on Earth you can achieve a life like his filled with freedom, adventure and beauty. And yep, he says it's totally doable with family! 
Branden's software company, CompanyBE, which allows him to work from anywhere.
PUMP - The documentary Branden mentioned which exposes the oil industry, our addiction to it, and how we can lobby for change.
Resouce for biofuel/WVO that Branden shared, called Full Circle Biofuels in Bozeman, Montana
Branden's Postcards: White Sands Monument, Pagosa Springs, Lake City & Josuha Tree
Family of 5 Travelling in an Airstream (Since 2008!)
Family of 4 Travelling in a Westfalia Van
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