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RECENTLY, MY FAMILY AND I WERE LUCKY ENOUGH TO TAKE A SOJOURN TO MEXICO FOR A MUCH NEEDED REST. It felt as though there was no time to go, but Charlie turns two this year and so we cast all doubts aside and did it anyway, since this is the last time that she'll travel free. As with many things, once we took the necessary steps and committed to this time for ourselves, we realized just how much we needed it. One week in the sun and surf flew by, as time tends to do when you are having fun! As I was preparing to leave, Katherine wanted to know what was in my bag. I always attempt to pack light, but I pulled together a few things in my carry on that I never leave home without. 

From Left to Right:

1. This time around my carryon was a cork tote bag by Pelcor. Since my carryon also housed kid's books, a stuffed animal, soothers and snacks, well, it needed to be roomy. Pelcor recently sent this bag for me to try, and I really love it. It's extremely lightweight, and has the look of leather while being completely vegan. I love the look of cork fabric, so it's a great, functional fashion accessory. Upon returning home, some light wear and tear on the bag (very light) tell me that perhaps this bag is better suited to lighter use. However, this bag will be part of my daily accessories line up at home for sure.


2. A book, which of course is a no brainer. I've been reading Heather Crosby's book YumUniverse in order to prep for our podcast interview, but I quickly learned that this book was way more than a cookbook. Similar to Amy Chaplin's book, there's a lot of info included here and I wanted to spend more time with it. I also had another book with me, a super charming mystery series I've been reading that I personally find really entertaining.

3. Earphones, to catch up on podcasts!!

4. These two products, both by Graydon (a natural boutique line of body care products based in Ontario) are big winners for me when travelling. The product on the left, called The Mist, is an all natural, non-toxic hand sanitizer. Did you know that regular gel hand sanitizers contain chemicals that you really shouldn't be using on your skin? Anyway, your hands touch all sorts of surfaces while travelling, and everyone knows airplanes are particularly germy, so hand sanitizer is a must. (Especially when travelling with a toddler, where eating with your hands is a nearly constant activity!) My only suggestion in this case is that the container is 120mL, and airport security won't let you pass with bottles larger than 100mL usually, so keep that in mind; you may want to transer to a slightly smaller bottle. 

The second product, Glow, is totally awesome. It's a natural, non-toxic, zinc based and non-nano sunscreen, but it's NOT WHITE!!! Yay! Actually, it's tinted with minerals so it's actually a coral blush colour, and it has a really slight shimmer. The result when you apply is that your skin looks really radiant, even without a tan. The SPF 30 would be normally fine, but I found I needed perhaps a bit more protection under that super hot Caribbean sun. So what do you say Graydon? Do I hear an SPF 50 is in the works?

5. I can't travel or fly without gum, and I'm loving Simply Gum. It's made in Brooklyn, NY, and contains only 6, all natural ingredients. (Did you listen to our podcast episode with Andrew Nisker on chewing gum? If so you'll know why natural, biodegradable gum is a must!!) I'm planning a more in depth review on Simply Gum in the near future, so keep posted!

6. I find I always get a little dehydrated when travelling, so lip balm is a must as well. I always choose a slightly tinted one (I like a dark berry tint). Have you ever noticed than when you look tired, or are makeup-less on the beach, that ruby red lips make all the difference??


7. This time I also packed my selenite crystal, along with the quartz crystal I always wear around my neck. Clear quartz crystal quartz protects your aura (good when travelling and in crowds), among other things, and selenite helps with clarity, especially when meditating. I can't meditate without it, and it's rather mesmerizing to look at!

Sidenote: wearing my quartz crystal on a beach vacation is doubly good since strong sunlight and salt water help to clear and charge the crystal. 

Another Sidenote - I'm going out on a limb here and sharing a bit of my hippie side with you. Let me know if it resonates with you and if you'd like for us to cover more such things on the PGM blog. Katherine and I have been considering a blog series on crystals and their energetic/physical benefits, but we don't want to disinterest you! So let us know if this is something you'd like.

8. I've also been really getting into aromatherapy, and this blend from Canadian line Province Apothecary, called Sleep Well, helped to get me settled in a strange environment and bed. I like to dab some on my temples and directly under my nose.

9. I packed a small tube of hand lotion, again to combat the dry travelling air. I love this argan lavender blend by Toronto lineLeaves of Trees.

10. Lastly, because I was using a cavernous tote with little inside pockets as a carry on (for the quick, roomy access) I used several small, zipped pouches to keep everything seperate and organized. These are by Canadian makers Jenna Rose (larger pouch) and Hatchet Made (smaller pouch).

That's it! What are your travel essentials? Share in the comments!