#PGMinseason | Weekly Round-Up Two

TEXT by Celine MacKay | PHOTOGRAPHS by Second weekly roundup of the #PGMinseason project. So much good stuff!

Week Two of the Pure Green hashtag project, #PGMinseason has come and gone, and we continue to be so very impressed with the culinary prowess of the PGM community. We're so happy we began this initiative so that we could get to know you better, and trust us when we say it's the start of many very good things. We're beyond grateful and appreciative to everyone who is taking part, keep on keeping on, and please share and get others you know involved. The more the merrier. In honor of all these outstanding submissions recieved we will be posting a Weekly Round-Up until the project ends on September 15th and we will be forced to choose winners! Make sure to check out the first roundup post last week, and we now present you round two! 

If you're new to our #PGMinseason project, make sure to catch up the amazing content we've been sharing thanks to our incredible project community leaders and bloggers, Dolly and OatmealThe First Mess, and Vidya Cleanse. They've taken the initiative to help us set the tone for the project, and are sharing their thoughts, inspiration and talent here with you. 

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Stay tuned for Claire's post coming Monday. We've seen a sneak peek and we know you're going to love it!

Thank you everyone, have a wonderful weekend!!