Some beautiful inspiration hit my mailbox this morning in the form of Rebecca Atwood's new spring release, the Williamson Collection. I've been admiring her work for a long time now, and this combination of neutral gray's, indigo and coral hit my sweet spot—I couldn't resist sharing it with PGM readers. Rebecca creates all of her designs in small batches, by hand, using natural linen. While beautiful grouped together, one special pillow sitting on your bed of sofa would be a beautiful accent of colour and art, since each is one of a kind. Read More
Every so often you fall upon a link, and it's love at first sight. That's how I felt after coming across Light + Ladder by Farrah Sit. Beautiful, geometrically inspired planters and a variety of housewares, I love each one. The photos for this stunning body of work were taken by Nicole Franzen, another reason I was won over instantly (Nicole has contributed to several issues of PGM, including Volumes 2 and 4). I will let the photos do the talking (especially since I am madly working away on Volume 8 at the moment). Enjoy and thank you for reading! Read More

Design | Joint Editorial

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The stunning workplace of Joint Editorial. Read More
I cannot resist sharing these photos featuring the home of Danish stylist Camilla Tang Paylecke of Hunch. I would live here in a moment - the white feels fresh and clean, yet never devoid of personality. The vintage and handmade inspired details are lovely, I especially love the touches of teal blue sprinkled about! Read More

Eco Baby | A New Column

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Well, we have big news! I've been hanging on to it for six months now, but my shyness is out of the way AND it feels plenty safe to share at this point... the PGM family is about to get a teensy bit bigger! Jonathan (our Food Editor) and I are having a baby! Of course I'm sure there's not a couple in history that hasn't gone into this with a little apprehension, but so far so good. I've cruised through the first 5 months a lot quicker than I thought and am starting into the 6th with a teensy bit of 'Holy moly this is really happening' running through my brain. Amongst balancing producing and managing Pure Green, the baby's room has slowly, very slowly, been taking shape. Being that I do my very best to surround myself with non-toxic and eco-friendly products every day, it goes without saying that I'll take this approach with my wee one too. In fact, I've made a pact with myself to have a plastic free baby and only choose non-toxic, natural materials. Now, a single trip to Babies R Us will tell you that this is no easy feat, but so far I've been able to find alternatives for a lot of things. And the rest? Chances are you don't even need it. There is SO much to say about the baby industry in terms of health and environment, so I thought it fun and relevant to start a series on the PGM blog called Eco Baby in which we'll share tips, ideas and products that fit the bill for a natural, healthy yet stylish little baby. As part of that series I'll share my progress creating a non-toxic baby's room, starting with the basics... the walls! Read More
I fell completely in love with this graphic and modern heirloom seedkit by Sarah Rainwater Design. The seeds in the kit are carefully chosen as they are high-yield and easy to grow inside the included paper pots. Keep your timing right with the lovely calendar that includes instructions for growing each plant. Unfortunately the kits are currently sold out, but I thought you would appreciate the clean aesthetic of these kits regardless! (Sign up for Sarah's email list and get notified when more kits are available.) Read More

Homes | Tiny House

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I get really excited when every few months I remember to check Jessica Helgerson's site, the designer whom holds highest honour in Pure Green's hall of eco design fame. I'm thrilled when I discover something new to admire, dream about and subsequently share here with you. Jessica and her team exemplify the Pure Green mantra of Green with Style, creatively incorporating creative re-use, green and non-toxic finishes. This house is an extra special treat because it's where Jessica and her family call home. Read More

Home | Mid-Century LEED

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We were delighted to receive this submission from California architectural firm Carver + Schicketanz. Originally designed and constructed by architect John Gamble in 1965, rather than tear down the aim was to preserve the excellent structure and original design while at the same time modernizing with new (and much needed) eneregy-saving measures. The home is now Carmel's only LEED Platinum designated project. We were lucky enough to be able to ask a few questions of design principal Mary Ann Schicketanz about the project. Read More

Vintage | Audubon

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John James Audubon's legacy is intriguing - an ornithologist and painter who immigrated to the United States from France in 1803, his work has proven incredibly significant both in his naturalist field and in the world of design. Among some of the most coveted and celebrated naturalist painters and illustrators, Audubon is credited with the discovery of 25 new bird species and a number of sub-species discovered while on his journey to paint every North American bird in their natural habitat. His efforts led to the creation of Birds of North America (1827-1839), a color-plate book that is still considered one of the finest ornithological works ever completed— the original recently sold at auction for $11.5 million, a record price for a single book! Read More
We were delighted to get a sneak peek at FLOR's new Spring 2012 collection - stylish and in perfect keeping with our philosphy at Pure Green, FLOR's modular rugs are green and gorgeous. Read More
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