I love posting about the exciting and beautiful stores that carry Pure Green, not the least of which is a new stockist this volume called PROGRESS. Make sure you have a little time to browse, this shop is brimming with fun things! Read More
If you live in the northeastern part of the States like I do, the end of May always brings with it the first feelings that summer’s on its way. Even though the start of the season doesn’t officially roll around until June, in late May the days are already long and you can catch your first whiffs of barbecue. If you’re anything like me, the warmer weather also gets you dreaming up yummy cocktails to sip on as the sun goes down. I’m a sucker for herb-infused concoctions poured over lots of ice. Read More
One of my favourite elements in Vol.2 was our Backyard Chicken feature - there's just something about those little guys that I love. Also on location, however, were the most adorable little guys... goats! Although we couldn't include them in our chicken article, we still thought it would be fun to introduce you. Have a look see! Read More
An continuation of exquisite imagery from the earlier post featuring Babylonstoren, a working farm / luxury getaway in South Africa. Read More
To travel has a constant appeal for me - there are so many places that I have yet to discover, but every so often I come across a place that sparks a wanderlust so fierce and so complete that I find myself capable of thinking of very little else. The place shown in these photos is an example of just that. Called Babylonstoren, it is a working farm that dates back to 1690 in South Africa's Cape Dutch. Read More
Looking for a place to go out for brunch this Mother's Day in Toronto? Might we suggest Cafe Belong? This new to us resto looks too delightful to resist. Of course, the vintage industrial vibe goes far with us also, not to mention the organic, local ingredients on the menu - a definite must try! Cafe Belong is located at the Evergreen Brickworks, a restored brick factory that is now one of the centerpoints for sustainable food culture in Toronto. Read More
I fell completely in love with this graphic and modern heirloom seedkit by Sarah Rainwater Design. The seeds in the kit are carefully chosen as they are high-yield and easy to grow inside the included paper pots. Keep your timing right with the lovely calendar that includes instructions for growing each plant. Unfortunately the kits are currently sold out, but I thought you would appreciate the clean aesthetic of these kits regardless! (Sign up for Sarah's email list and get notified when more kits are available.) Read More

Homes | Clay Inspiration

Posted By:Celine
Clay plaster by American Clay is a green finishing material that is pretty high on my list of favourites. I love it. It's a troweled on wall finish that can be very textured or smooth, is available in over a hundred colours and can applied to a variety of substrates. Because it is a hand applied finish, the variety available in the application is pretty varied - I've seen installations that were very modern and sleek, and others still that were more traditional or rustic, such as the home in this feature. Read More
The latest entries in our first ever photo contest! Read More
After admiring Orling & Wu in the pages of several of my favourite design magazines and hearing such wonderful things about it, it was quite a delight to send them their first shipment of Pure Green!! Orling & Wu is known for their impeccable styling and diverse assortment of gifts, housewares, dishes, fabrics and so much more, all nestled and displayed in a beautiful setting (with that trademark wallpaper!). If you find yourself in old historical Gastown, Vancouver, stop in to 28 Water Street for your copy of Pure Green and get lost in the store while you're at it! Read More
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