Introducing the Pure Green Podcast!

The newcomer to the group of PGM content platforms, the show is a weekly conversation with people that inspire us, and live their lives in sync with the values we hold at Pure Green. Thanks for listening!

PGM 10 | Lindsey Love of Dolly & Oatmeal
Jan 16 2015

In this podcast, Celine interviews food blogger and former Pure Green In Season community leader, Lindsey Love of the beloved Dolly and Oatmeal. Lindsey has been a notable figure in the blog world for some time now and continues to garner attention for her beautifully simple recipes, aesthetic and relatability. She talks to Celine about the health struggles that forced her to change her diet and how that morphed into a celebrated blog and upcoming cookbook (!!!), how to keep meal-planning simple and intuitive, and the way she draws inspiration... Listen

PGM 09 | Making Dinner Plans with Huckle & Goose
Jan 07 2015

This episode, Celine is talking to Anca Toderic and Christine Lacaciu, sisters-in-law and founders of the company Huckle & Goose a website plus built-in application that provides you with access to what’s in season, a carefully curated list of seasonal recipes and a neatly sorted list of groceries that supports your seasonal cooking as a way of life! Wow. Both women are mothers and committed to providing healthy and nourishing food for their family. Their dedication to this task is inspiring and along the way the topic of family meals,... Listen

PGM 08 | A Homesteading Life with Ashley English of Small Measure
Jan 02 2015

This episode I'm talking with Ashley English, the voice behind Small Measure, a blog dedicated to life on her homestead, where she lives with her husband Glen and four year old son Huxley. She’s also the author of 7!!! books, the 8th is already written, and there are more on the way! She’s accomplished, motivated and down to earth, and she loves what she does. You can tell, which is why it was so nice talking with her.

In the show, Ashley shares with us how, under very serendipitous circumstances, she began her learning... Listen

PGM 07 | Dark Side of the Chew with Andrew Nisker
Dec 26 2014

This episode I'm talking with Canadian film director Andrew Nisker of Take Action Films. Andrew's latest film is called Dark Side of the Chew, and yes, it's about gum. Gum is actually the second most common form of litter in the world, after cigarette butts, and those little black globs on the sidewalk cost cities around the world millions of dollars to clean up annually, and are a major source of pollution in our water systems.

Gum has it’s origins in chicle, a harmless tropical tree sap that’s harvested much like maple... Listen

PGM 06 | Eating & Living Mindfully with Claire Ragozzino
Dec 19 2014

Welcome to another episode of the Pure Green podcast. Claire Ragozzino is the voice and blogger behind Vidya Cleanse. She's a certified holistic nutritionist and yoga instructor. She speaks with a gentle cadence, and her interview is full of inspiration, serving as a guide for anyone seeking to learn more from their bodies, who wants to feel better, or just, more centered. Lately I've come to think that the cultural ideal of balance in life and work that we all seek is a myth, but Claire sort of restored my faith in the pursuit. I suppose... Listen

PGM 05 | The Whole Food Kitchen with Amy Chaplin
Dec 12 2014

I'm so delighted to have Amy Chaplin as this week's guest on the show. Amy is the celebrated author of At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen, an incredible cookbook containing over 150 vegetarian and mostly vegan recipes, as well as an extensive section on building a well stocked pantry and properly preparing foods such as beans and grains. Amy is lovely to talk to. She shares openly about her unique childhood in a sustainable homesteading community in Australia, her journey learning to cook through to becoming the executive chef at NYC's famous... Listen

PGM 04 | Changing Your Diet & Changing Your Life with Jessica Murnane
Dec 04 2014

This week we're talking with Jessica Murnane, of Jessica's story is awesome. It's a success story of a girl who struggled with her health and diet (she unabashedly admits that sour patch kids and diet coke were previously among her main food groups), fighting serious endometriosis and facing major surgery. But, and there's a big but, she never had the surgery. In the episode we talk about how she changed her life though her diet, and how she now runs a consulting business helping others make the same change. Her approach... Listen

PGM 03 | Motherhood & Livelihood: Finding Yourself & Time Management Mastery with Carrie Moe
Nov 26 2014

This week, as the last in the Motherhood & Livelihood mini-series, we're interviewing Carrie Moe, the founder of Type A Society, a creative wedding and event styling agency. In the episode, Carrie and I talk about clarifing your purpose in business and in life, adapting when life throws you curveballs, the importance of being introspective and knowing yourself, how to be all in, and of course, motherhood. Also, it's worth mentioning that Carrie throws down the most comprehensive strategy I've ever heard on time management. Visit... Listen

PGM 02 | Motherhood & Livelihood: Being Brave & Reaching for Your Goals with Bobbi Bankston
Nov 20 2014

Interviewing Bobbi Bankston of the Mason Bar Company on finding your spark, feeling fulfilled, scaling a business and balancing work/family.

We discuss how Bobbi found herself in a difficult spot after trying many different careers but never finding her true calling; what to do when you find yourself searching for that spark, that something to call your own; how Bobbi finally did find her spark, and how she made it happen; how she scaled her business; and how she strives for her own version of work/family balance. As with last week's... Listen

PGM 01 | Motherhood & Livelihood: Managing a Fulfilled Life with Lauralee Whitman
Nov 11 2014

Lauralee Whitman of RunwayXchange shares her entrepreneurial journey, some great advice on managing your closet, and how she transitioned from life as a workaholic to a balanced, nurturing mother of two. Listen